Announcing Accredited Online Rock Guitar Qualifications

“This is a game changer in musicianship, teaching and learning.” Says TLM Director, Chris Lynch on the announcement of their unique and ground breaking partnership with Orange Amplifiers. TLM are one of the most innovative accredited examination awarding bodies in the UK. Orange Amps, founded 50 years ago have an iconic presence in the world of rock music globally and count John McVie of Fleetwood Mac and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden amongst their many loyal customers.

For the first time the Orange and TLM partnership has made it possible for accredited rock guitar qualifications to be studied and completed online. Everything from detailed lessons right through to the examination are all available now, online via the Orange Amps website

The partnership provides online courses with free exam materials, guided lessons and qualifications that span the traditional guitar grades from initial to grade 8. The real benefit of these online courses and exams is that you can study and take exams anytime, anywhere, making these qualifications easily accessible across the world.

TLM’s online exams have been approved and registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) with OFQUAL. This accreditation provides rock guitar learners with credibility and genuine opportunities to broaden their music career.

The courses have extensive video content taking the learner through the skills and aptitude needed to pass the exams. The learners will be studying an internationally recognised syllabus. The examinations have been developed and critiqued over the last two years and exam materials have been written by qualified guitar teachers and examiners.

Chris Lynch of TLM continues “This is an extremely exciting project for us, I play the guitar. My whole family are musicians. I have played in a band since I was 15 years old and been lucky enough to tour the world. I am passionate about music but also passionate about teaching and learning. Modern technology gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible. You can now be sat at home or anywhere else in the world with your guitar, taking a master class from one of your guitar hero’s.”

“Everyone has sat in front of You Tube and worked on learning their favourite songs. Now you can get detailed tuition on how to play those parts, and the techniques you thought were impossible, or create those legendary licks that get stuck in your head for days! At the end, when you have achieved your goal you, for the first time get an accredited qualification that certifies your level of skill and attainment. In partnership with Orange, we hope to move on to qualifications on more instruments and even other disciplines like DJ’ing and sound engineering. I want our learners to go out and express themselves and achieve their goals. This truly is a qualification for the future…. so what are you waiting for? Follow these links and get going now.”