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These policies are designed to meet the regulatory conditions set out by Ofqual in its "Regulatory Conditions for Awarding Organisations"

The link above lets you download the conditions but the policies and procedures TLM use to comply with them are listed below and hyperlinked to the relevant conditions. All of this information is licensed for copying for non-commercial purposes using the sites general Creative Commons licensing. Ofqual documents and those from linked sites might be subject to different licensing.

The Learning Machine Ltd Governance - Organisation Chart and Roles Conditions in section A
TLM and Ofqual Conditions in section B
Arrangements with Third Parties Conditions in section C
General requirements for regulated qualifications Conditions in section D
Design and development of qualifications Conditions in section E
Information on Fees and Features of a Qualification Conditions in section F
Setting the Assessment Conditions in section G
Marking Conditions in section H
Appeals and certificates Conditions in section I
Business planning for new qualifications
TLM Privacy Policy


These links are to the older versions of policy developed for the QCF before the Ofqual Conditions were available. They are largely the same but there are some modifications to meet the newer Conditions. In the light of current Ofqual review of the QCF, the QCF related policy is likely to be made redundant.

(QCF 5.33)
Procedures for Making Enquiries and Appeals (QCF 5.24 - 5.28)
Flowchart detailing market research process (QCF 3.2, 4.2)
Policy and Procedures on Malpractice (QCF 5.29 - 5.32)   (RQF A8)
Equal Opportunities Policy (QCF 2.11 - 2.14) (RQF D2)
Reasonable Adjustments Policy (QCF 2.13)  (RQF G6)
Expertise and training (QCF 5.2b)
Award of credits and qualifications (QCF 5.12 - 5.15)
Risk assessment for award of credits and qualifications (QCF 5.12 - 5.15)
Partnership franchising and licensing agreements (QCF 2.3)
Languages Policy (QCF 5.20 - 5.23)
Unit design (QCF 3.1 - 3.5)
Developing rules of combination (QCF 4.1 - 4.4)
Design of assessment, grading and delivery (QCF 5.3- 5.10; 5.34)
Functional Skills (FS Ofqual/09/4558)
IT Systems policies and procedures
Annexe 1 Job descriptions
Annexe 2 Centre agreement
Annexe 3 Data Protection Policy


Customer Care Policy Statement & Standards