Condition I - Appeals and certificates

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1. The established appeals procedures fulfill the requirements of (Condition I1)
2. TLM agrees to comply with the requirements of any appeals and complaints process established by Ofqual and Qualifications Wales and to work with Ofqual and Qualifications Wales to make good any shortcomings in the qualifications provided as a result of any findings. TLM will adjust its own systems and procedures to make good any shortcomings that arise as a result of Ofqual or Qualifications Wales findings when scrutinising other awarding organisations. This will apply to potential as well as actual failures. At all times the integrity of awards made to learners will be highest priority. (Condition I2)
3. The design and content of certificates conforms to the specifications of the RQF and Qualifications Wales. This ensures that the conditions in (Condition I3) are met. Example certificate.
4. All certificates are made available immediately that an award is made. This is an automated process from the web site and there are no delays or timescales involved. The certificates conform to agreed formats and wording for the RQF and the CQFW and where relevant carry EQF levels for the widest transparency for end users. Certificates are kept in an on-line database and they can be authenticated using a QR code on the paper manifest or directly from the web site at no charge. The condition (Condition I4.1) is therefore met. Replacement certificates are available directly from the web site at no additional cost. Since all certificates can be authenticated immediately and with no cost, the risk of certificate fraud is significantly reduced. In revoking a certificate, all that is required is to prevent authentication until such time as the user demonstrates entitlement through an appropriate assessment. This meets the requirements of (Condition I4.2)