The Learning Machine Ltd and Ofqual/Qualifications Wales

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Responsible Officer

1. The single point of accountability for maintaining the quality of all relevant regulated functions is Bryan Horne, who will act as responsible officer in keeping with the requirements of (Condition B1). He is authorised by the board of directors to make all binding agreements and key contracts on behalf of The Learning Machine Ltd. The company is small and so multiple roles are manageable. This page is available to Ofqual/ Qualifications Wales at all times so that an immediate check can be made at any time on the person appointed as Responsible Officer (Condition B1.2). Joan Knott has the most comprehensive understanding of the qualifications and the Awarding Organisation  (Condition B1.3). She is in regular contact with all other employees of TLM and all TLM partners.

2. The responsible Officer is committed to making accurate and truthful statements to Ofqual and Qualifications Wales and to respond to any statement, request or notice promptly and with due diligence on behalf of TLM.  (Condition B1.4)

Annual statement of Compliance

3. The Responsible Officer will provide to Ofqual and Qualifications Wales an annual statement about TLM's compliance with the Conditions at the time of that statement.  (Condition B2.1)  The aim will to be to provide confirmation of full compliance. If full compliance is not secure the Responsible Officer will provide a list of outstanding issues and a brief plan with deadlines to resolve those issue. (Condition B2.2) The Responsible Officer will state clearly any instance that are likely to cause non-compliance in the immediate 12 month period from the time of the statement.  (Condition B2.3). The annual statement will be formally approved by the Governing Body and signed by the Chair and the Responsible Officer.  (Condition B2.4) It will be made to meet the specification required by Ofqual and Qualifications Wales (Condition B2.5)

Notification where an event could have an Adverse Effect

4. All TLM personnel are expected to recognise and report any event that arises that could have an Adverse Effect, or a significant risk of such an event, to  the Responsible Officer. The Responsible Officer will notify Ofqual and or Qualifications Wales promptly if there is any cause to believe that the event has caused, will cause or could cause an Adverse Effect.  (Condition B3.1). Events reportable are provided by Ofqual and Qualification Wales in Conditions B3.2 and B3.3. the Responsible Officer will promptly notify Ofqual/Qualifications Wales of any steps taken or planned to prevent any further events occurring that could have an Adverse Effect.   (Condition B3.5)
5. The Responsible Officer will notify Ofqual/Qualifications Wales if TLM proposes to make available a qualification which is substantially different in type or content to any which it has previously made available.   (Condition B3.4). It will provide information promptly and based on information available at the time with subsequent updates if further relevant information comes to light.   (Condition B3.6).
6. The Responsible Officer will provide Ofqual/Qualifications Wales with such information as it requires in response to a written request.   (Condition B4.1, B4.3). He will ensure that actions are taken to respond to notices in specified time frames and that any deficiencies in performance are rectified to the satisfaction of Ofqual and or Qualifications Wales.   (Condition B4.2).
7. All TLM personnel and partners are instructed to draw clear distinctions between regulated and non-regulated qualifications. In any dealings with customers, it should be clear to the customer what qualifications are accredited by DFE and regulated by Ofqual/Qualifications Wales, the scope of that regulation eg geographically and the value of any points or other attributes assigned to the qualifications as a result.  (Condition B5.1). This principle extends to advertising which will be factual at all times.  (Condition B5.2).
8. The use of third party logos will reflect any terms and conditions of use. In the case of Ofqual's logo, the stated Logo Requirements published by Ofqual at the time.  In the case of Qualifications Wales' logo, the stated Logo Requirements published by Qualifications Wales at the time. (Condition B5.3). It is TLM's policy to work cooperatively with Ofqual/Qualifications Wales in it's duties to monitor and regulate qualifications.  (Condition B6).
9. TLM will keep up to date Regulatory Documents on file and will incorporate them in its information management systems to ensure that they are part of the day to day management of the organisation. These documents form the core rationale for operating in a risk based approach to awarding qualifications. TLM will abide by all documented requirements,  (Condition B7.1). it will take due notice of all recommendations and guidelines for good practice set out in regulatory documents.  (Condition B7.2). In cases where TLM has an undertaking with Ofqual /Qualifications Wales, the Responsible Officer will ensure compliance and take personal responsibility and accountability for compliance.  (Condition B8.1, 8.2).