Information on fees and features of a qualification

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1. The fees for TLM products and services are here. (Condition F1.1). All enquiries related to fees will be answered promptly and the basis for calculation explained. There have been no complaints about lack of clarity of fees and we assume this indicates that the fee structure is clear. (Condition F1.3). The handbook providing details of what is provided for the fees and the extent of the support provided is freely available from the web site. All supporting materials are licensed under a Creative Commons license to promote sharing and dissemination. (Condition F1.4). TLM's pricing policy is such that purchasers will be provided with price changes well in advance of any certification that the change is likely to affect. TLM only charges for successful certification and there are no charges for certificate verification or replacement certificates other than the certificate template charge of 30p (Condition F1.5).

2. TLM does not charge for any additional products or services packaged with qualifications. All supporting services such as supporting software are provided as free value added to the basic qualifications. (Condition F2.1, 2.2) The policy is to provide supporting materials under free and open source and creative commons licenses to enable customers to maximise their value through the freedom to customise them and individualise them to their own needs and purposes.

3. TLM's invoicing policy is as follows (Condition F3)

Customers/purchasers are invoiced for the product which has been quoted and agreed during discussion with a member of TLM staff.

Information contained on the invoice:

  1. Charging relates to the size of the establishment in the case of secondary schools the number of pupils on roll and therefore the charging band
  2. Any amounts being charged for the training
  3. In the case of subscriptions, the duration that the payment relates to is normally 1 year.
  4. The date of renewal.
  5. Customers/purchasers order number is always displayed on the invoice whenever this is required for processing of the invoice by the customer/purchaser.

Renewal invoices:
The renewal of agreement invoice is sent to the customer one calendar month before the end of the previous payment period.
The renewal invoice contains all the information previously described above.
There is no obligation to pay if the customer does not wish to continue offering TLM Awards.

All information relating to the cost of offering TLM awards is available on our website in the fees section.

Any queries or questions from customers/purchasers relating to the invoice sent to them is dealt with promptly ( with in 2 working days) by the finance manager.

All invoices are integral to the accounts software database and stored for processing by the company accountants.


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