Partnership franchising and licensing agreements

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QCF 2.3

1. There are currently a small number of authorised moderators of TLM qualifications. In all cases extensive training has been provided and is on-going through regular infield communications with the Chief Assessor and Operations Director. Further support is provided directly using internet communications and the web site. The prime priority is that quality assurance for any certificates bearing the UK regulators logos is fully up to the standards observed by The Learning Machine in the UK. At present all such certification is carried out in English. As the programme grows abroad, The Learning Machine will appoint regional moderators in the target country or countries who will be responsible for ensuring standards are consistent in that country and that quality assurance is maintained in keeping with The Learning Machine policy for the UK. where the country requires languages other than English to be supported, the Languages Policy will be invoked.

2. Centres that are schools acting as Academies might offer certification to partner schools and in their wider community. This facility is designed to fit the DFE Academies programme whereby families of schools work co-operatively and also in federations. In such a situation, the Academy/Centre and Principal Assessor is focussed on one school and certification is done in the partner schools using accredited assessors accountable to the Principal Assessor. The Academy name or centre will appear on the certificate. Such arrangements are limited typically to one secondary school and up to 5 partner primary schools but other arrangements will be considered provided that they are manageable and quality assurance can be guaranteed.

3. In all cases commercial partners are expected to adopt the same policies and procedures in exercising their duties as TLM has agreed with the regulators. This will ensure that the Conditions for Regulation are met across all TLM qualifications.

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