2019 League Table Points For Lower Achieving Learners

Get to the points with TLM’s unique Level 1 IT User Skills Qualification which has league table points for 2019. We will help you switch to our qualification so you can benefit from these league table points now.

Why Is a Level 1 Qualification So Important? What’s The Point?

  • If your learners don’t make the lowest grade at level 2 there is no option for them to drop down to level 1
  • TLM has the answer with our Level 1 IT User Skills qualification
  • League table points for 2019

Dedicated Support To Help You Switch

We have a dedicated support phone number and can assist with transitioning your learners to the TLM qualification from other qualifications like OCR or CIDA.

Email us now ​sales@tlm.org.uk​ or call Steve Elwell on 01827 305940.

Benefits Of Working With TLM

You get access to all our resources, bespoke moderation workshops, a dedicated support phone number that will be answered during school and office hours! Online markbook, to save you time. Exams on demand, so as soon as your learners are ready to take the exam they can. At a time that suits you.

Here are the units.

Here is a link to the qualification on the Ofqual site.

League table points at Level 1


●  Pass 1 point

●  Merit 1.5 points

●  Distinction 2 points

●  Distinction * 3 points

For more information please email us sales@tlm.org.uk or call Steve Elwell on 01827 305940. Please bear in mind we only accept a certain number of customers every year in order to maintain our exceptionally high levels of customer service and support. We work on a first come first served basis.