TLM Summer Grading Process

TLM Summer Grading Process new message

The academic process has posed many challenges this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, i.e.:

schools were officially suspended in March
learners were advised that their overall grade would be determined by estimation
no further coursework or assessment to be undertaken

The process to determine grades for learners is being developed by the DfE and Ofqual. As an Awarding Organisation, TLM are involved in the consultation part of this process. Every effort is being made to ensure learners are not disadvantaged.

The main driver for the final grade is based on a need for consistency and validity. The government announced quite early on that grades would be mostly determined by the predictions of their teachers. It has now been clarified that supplementary data will be required to support these predictions.

The sources of supporting data will include:-

The awarding organisation’s data for overall performance of qualifications in its centres.
The Centre’s data for a learner’s potential.

Therefore, centres will need to supply us with the predicted grades of their cohorts taking our qualifications. Plus supporting data. For example, many students will have an average GCSE score.
TLM’s IT qualifications are designed in conjunction with GCSE English and Maths demands, so these offer a useful guide as to a learner’s overall potential, though not THE guide. TLM’s technical
qualifications in construction and engineering are more science based, so any science predictions offer useful insights. The more supporting data supplied, the more valid the final decision.

Over the coming weeks, TLM will be compiling all of these data sets and then publishing a series of statements about how the calculations will be determined for different qualifications and for different centres. Where centres have supplid less data, TLM will work with the regulator on a process to ensure validity.

TLM will update the website frequently in the coming weeks.

TLM appreciate the support of all its Centres as this process evolves and welcome any comments.

Kind regards,

Rosemary Lynch