TLM ICT Qualification Support Offer for Schools

TLM is offering an opportunity to become a TLM Centre. We are giving you advance notice of a new support package that is now available. Due to the additional support, TLM will need to have in place for each centre, we are going to have to restrict the number of schools that can join.


The ongoing issues of lost learning days have caused much disruption for schools and learners. Our development schools have therefore asked for our help and together we have designed a support package that can offer assistance. This includes:


·         Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

·         Unit mapping of RPL

·         Full moderation support

·         Qualification available with coursework only (ungraded)

·         Graded qualification also available with exams on demand

·         ICT available at Level 1 and Level 2 (qualification on section 96)


Availability of centre status will be very limited and to register your interest we are asking schools to complete this short online form: FORM LINK