Qualifications designed for SEND learners

We at TLM understand the pressures many schools face let alone SEND schools. Our support team has been at the forefront of TLMs success within the schools market. We want to create qualifications that bring success for both the centre and the learner.

We are developing a suite of qualifications to support learners in the SEND sector of education. As an awarding organisation, we have a vision of setting both teachers and learners up for success and will do this by offering schools the following:

  • Efficient systems
  • Moderation on Demand
  • Swift turn around of feedback
  • Full digital systems

With a launch date of September 2021, TLM is offering the following range of qualifications to all SEND settings:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • British Values
  • PHSE

We are interested in feedback from your school on how our qualifications can be fit for purpose, understanding the demands and needs placed on you as teachers. Qualifications that are more in tune with the life and employment skills that learners need.