DfE: Research on Generative AI in Education & How Schools and Colleges can meet IT Service and Digital Equipment Standards

Department of Education Conducts Research on Generative AI (GenAI) in Education

“The Digital Strategy Division in the Department for Education (DfE) asked HM Government’s Open Innovation Team (OIT) to explore the opportunities and risks for GenAI in education.”

As GenAI’s promises and concerns become increasingly evident, this study delved into teachers’ viewpoints on GenAI and its possible integration into educational settings through a quantitative approach.

This report highlights the findings, including:

  • how the sector has responded to and adopted GenAI technology
  • applications and opportunities for GenAI in education
  • reported impact and benefits of GenAI use in education
  • barriers to adoption and risks that GenAI presents for education
  • support the sector would like to receive from the Department for Education and government

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Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and colleges

The DfE has assembled a set of standards intended for all schools and colleges. These standards aim to guarantee that schools and colleges are equipped with appropriate digital infrastructure and technology.

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