Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

The Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ) are fully funded under legal entitlement for adults (19+) who wish to develop their digital skills. They will also be funded for adults (16-18) who don’t have the basic digital skills they need for life and work through a study programme. The EDSQ will give people the opportunity to gain essential digital skills that are needed in order to participate in society and the workplace. With so many jobs now requiring basic digital literacy, it is important that everyone has access to these qualifications.

EDSQ Entry Level

The Entry Level qualification is designed for learners new to using digital devices and the internet. The course gives adults with minimal digital experience a gentle introduction. The learner can be confident that they will develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to improve their ability to use the internet and various digital devices. This will help them in their working and in everyday life.

EDSQ Level 1

The Level 1 qualification has been designed for learners with some experience of using digital devices and the internet. It will also aid learners who have achieved access at Entry Level to further expand their knowledge. Learners will gain an understanding of how to stay safe online,  protect their privacy and use  the internet securely, as well as being able to find out more information on services and the latest gadgets.

The qualifications cover 5 key areas:


Using devices and handling information

Manage and store information, and identify and solve simple technical issues.

edsq skill2

Creating and Editing

Creating and editing documents, images and other types of digital media.

edsq skill3


Gain an understanding of electronic communications. Learning to use email and make video calls

edsq skill4


Learn how to complete and submit a form, comply with verification checks and purchase a service or item online.


Being safe and responsible online

Gain an understanding of the importance of privacy, data protection and backing up data. How use email and make video calls.

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TLM can further support the delivery of our EDSQ with the help of our carefully crafted Support Package as well as access to a range of handy materials from the Good Things Foundation.

These useful resources have been developed with the input of teaching professionals and are available free to our Centres approved to deliver TLM EDSQ.

TLM Support package includes

Lesson Plans and Support Materials

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TLM Diagnostic Tool

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Full Sample Assessment

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TLM Online Transaction Simulation

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Lesson Plans and Support Materials

Full Sample Assessment

Online Transaction Simulator

The latest report from 2018 shows that:

Lack the full basic digital skills


11.3 million people
People with no basic digital skills


4.3 million people
Working People Without basic digital skills


5.4 million working adults
People 60+ who are curently offline


Why choose TLM

New revised simpler to use assessments

New revised simpler to use assessments

Free workshops to help you get started

Free workshops to help you get started

On going one to one support from experienced TLM staff

On going one to one support from experienced TLM staff

Simple fees model with free resit.

Simple fees model with free resit.

Diagnostic Tool

FREE Diagnostic tool

TLM is an Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, specialising in and providing digital qualifications for over a decade. You can be confident that we are very experienced in helping our centres achieve success for their learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

EDSQ stands for Essential Digital Skills Qualifications. These are regulated qualifications that have been developed for adults - to start to build their IT skills for life, with aspects of skills for work. These can be taken as separate qualifications with progression available from Entry to Level 1

This qualification is aimed at individuals who primarily wish to gain IT skills for life, with aspects of IT skills for work supporting perhaps training or preparation for employment (or initial induction) where IT plays a part.

EDSQ is approved and available for automatic funding for adult learners including 16 - 19 learners who do not have the basic digital skills.

The qualification is six credits in size built up from five teaching units:

  • Unit 1 - Using Devices and Handling Information
  • Unit 2 - Creating and Editing
  • Unit 3 - Communicating
  • Unit 4 - Transacting
  • Unit 5 - Being Safe and Responsible Online
  • If you are already a TLM centre, go to and use the login details you already have for the Learning Site. The Diagnostic Tool site allows you to create as many groups as you wish, they will not show up on the Markbook (Assessment Site).
  • If you are not currently a TLM centre please go to and complete and complete the new user form under the login section.

If you would like to use EDSQ within your Centre, please register your interest with the team.

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The Centre fee is £600 per annum plus £18 per learner on registration.

The first Resit of a component will be free.

The second Resit of a component will be charged £5.