Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQs) are now available and will be automatically funded for adults learners who do not have the basic digital skills they need for life and work.

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It is estimated that 20% of adults lack foundation skills in digital technology. To fill this gap, the Department for Education has introduced digital skills qualifications based on the essential digital skills framework.

Digital Skills – facts and figures

A 2018 report conducted by Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index found that in the UK:

  • 11.3 million people (21%) lack the full basic digital skills
  • 4.3 million (8%) have no basic digital skills at all
  • 5.4 million working adults (10%) are without basic digital skills
  • people with a registered disability are 4 times as likely to be offline
  • 28% of those aged 60+ are offline.


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TLM are delighted to confirm that our Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ) have now been approved by Ofqual.
They are available at both Entry Level and Level 1.

EDSQ Survival Guide


These qualifications are mapped to the National Occupational Standards for Essential Digital Skills and are fully funded under legal entitlement for adults (19+) who wish to develop their digital skills. They will also be funded for adults (16-18) who don’t have the basic digital skills they need for life and work through a study programme.

Skill Areas

All five skill areas will be comprehensively covered in both qualifications. These five areas are:

  1. Using devices and handling information
  2. Creating and editing
  3. Communicating
  4. Transacting
  5. Being safe and responsible online

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This section includes taster materials and helpful materials for EDQS delivery.

FREE - TLM Diagnostic Tool

Free EDSQ diagnostic tool.

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Addtional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common queries about our Essential Digital Skills can be found on it's own dedicated page.