In 2018 the UK government commissioned a report that found that as many as 11 million UK citizens did not possess basic digital skills. Given the amount of things that now happen online, this is a grave concern.

From September 2020 onwards, the government will support Awarding Organisations (including TLM) in offering qualifications in these Essential Digital Skills. These skills include the ability to effectively use online searches and shopping sites, as well as government sites for services. It includes learning how to create, edit and save different types of files such as documents, images and videos.

Essential Digital Skills will be available as qualifications for Entry Level 3, for people who are unsure about using online technology, and Level 1 for people who have some skills, but need to be more competent.

The Essential Digital Skills standards are:

  1. Using devices and handling information
  2. Creating and editing
  3. Communicating
  4. Transacting
  5. Being safe and responsible online

TLM offer a free test in Essential Digital Skills to allow learners and their assessors to determine what level they are at and where they need to go next.