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"The ITQ qualification has proven to be a hit with students and staff alike. The range of units that students can study is extensive and enables us to tailor courses to suit our students' interests and aspirations. Coursework is easily managed and the marking criteria is unambiguous – we have found the moderation process with TLM to be both supportive and painless! The TLM online Markbook is invaluable in tracking students' progress. While the Markbook is easy to navigate, there is always support available should the need arise."
Graham Pitt, Rawletts School


The purpose of the qualification is to build on Level 1 IT User Skills in the efficient use of technology to improve their productivity and work in other subject areas. There is an emphasis on open systems as required in the UK government Cabinet Office Policy of 2012 mandating the use of open standards in all government business. The Open Systems dimension under-pins the achievement of cost reductions by enabling the avoidance of lock-in to particular suppliers through the adoption of internationally agreed open standards. Learners will move nearer to a position where they can get all the technical tools and resources that they will ever need freely and legally from the Internet. This contributes directly to social inclusion and equality of access to the tools needed to support further learning. There are many opportunities to provide learning contexts that strengthen numeracy, and literacy, as well as supporting other subjects across the curriculum.


This qualification is a general purpose IT qualification which is designed to equip students with a broad understanding of the modern world of IT. It has an overarching focus on cloud based technologies, since these are the most prevalent and evolving form at present, but also has the flexibility for students to choose from a range of optional units to satisfy their interests or curiosity in specific fields. It also includes a real-world practical project unit to allow students to explore their skills in a formal setting and to be able to network with local and national organisations in their chosen field.

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