5.0 Management Responsibility

Management Commitment

    • To develop and manage a continually improving risk-based Business Management System with the target of achieving ISO9001:2015.
    • To ensure TLM retains suitability for continued recognition with the Ofqual and 'Qualifications Wales', 'General Conditions of Recognition'.
    • To ensure TLM meets all it's legal and statutory regulations.
    • To endeavour to maximise returns for TLM shareholders.

5.2 Customer Focus

    • To understand and exceed our Centres' requirements.
    • To protect the needs of learners using any of our Centres.
    • To understand and exceed our Customers' requirements.
    • To promote strategies to expand our customer base .


5.3 Business Policies

      • To align policies to meet TLM Goals, Objectives and Commitments.
      • To ensure these are communicated to all Centres, Staff and Subcontractors.
      • To review periodically the suitability to meet TLM's needs.


5.4 Planning

5.4.1 Business Objectives

Establish Business Objectives that are:

        • Measurable and align with TLM's Policies.
        • Designed to exceed our Centres requirements.
        • Designed to grow and widen our customer base.
        • Monitored for effectiveness and need or intervention.
        • Reviewed regularly by company directors in Board Meetings .


5.4.2 Business Management Planning

Senior Management will ensure it's business planning includes:

        • Strive to achieve ISO9001:2015 accreditation.
        • The integrity of the Business Management System is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.


5.5 Responsibility, Authority and Communication

5.5.1 Responsibility and Authority

      • Senior Management will ensure job responsibilities within TLM are clearly defined and communicated within the organisation.
      • TLM will maintain and update as required and organisational chart of job positions, supported by job descriptions.

5.5.2 Management Representative

TLM will maintain designated responsibility within TLM:

        • for the management of the Business Management System.
        • For promotion of the Business Management System.
        • To communicate with external parties concerning the Business Management System.
        • To report direct to the Managing Director who establishes the Quality Policies.

5.5.3 Internal Communication

TLM senior management will ensure internal communication are established via:

        • Weekly Team Meetings with all staff.
        • Board meetings every term with members of the board of directors

5.6 Management Structure

5.7 Management Review

5.7.1 General

TLM will review the Business Management System every year for suitability for progression to ISO9001:2015, and need for changes/improvement.

5.7.2 Review Input

The Senior management will perform a 7 point review:

    • Results of Audits 1st Party, and 3rd Party
    • Centre and Customer Feedback
    • Process Performance
    • Risk Resolution Reports
    • 'Follow up' actions from previous reviews
    • Changes that might prevent ISO9001:2015 accreditation
    • Recommendation of Improvement

5.7.3 Review Output

Senior Management will keep minutes of the 7 point review and maintain as a record.