Piano Teaching

"The exam board (TLM) have been nothing but helpful and I can not praise them enough. If you have a question you send an email and you get an answer within hours"
Jon Williams, The Park Community School


The Level 3 Award is a qualification designed to enhance and develop learners’ life skills and build their
confidence with an engaging learning journey.


TLM Level 3 Award in Piano Teaching




Level 3






Coursework, Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Demonstration/Assignment



*Whilst we indicate where we believe that qualifications can be supported through external funds, we cannot guarantee that such funding might be available. This could depend either upon your circumstances, your Learners, specific funding availability/rules or a combination of these factors. In all cases therefore - we would advise that before making any decisions involving qualifications’ funding, the funders themselves are consulted.

We will however at TLM, be more than willing to explore all funding options with you to secure the maximum levels of financial support for the delivery of our qualifications.


  • Guidance and support provided.
  • The range of units that students can study is extensive and enables assessors to tailor courses to suit students' interests and aspirations.
  • Coursework is easily managed and the marking criteria is unambiguous.
  • Moderation on demand, no restrictive moderation windows.
  • Feedback offered on any evidence submitted. TLM are willing to communicate with assessors with guidance on how to improve learners work.
  • The online TLM Markbook is invaluable in tracking students' progress.
  • Coursework is easily managed and the marking criteria is unambiguous.
  • Devised by employers in partnership with IT subject specialists.
  • Clear and flexible unit based structure referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
  • Progression route from Entry Level learning to Level 3.
  • Straightforward assessment of competence in the use of IT to support learning in all subjects.
  • Ongoing support from our team of subject specialists.
  • Flexible enough to accredit skills and knowledge acquired in other subjects as well as in specialist lessons.
  • Provides a focus for continuing professional development for IT teachers through moderation/verification feedback.
  • Growing pool of free and open source teaching and learning resources.
  • Scope to provide all children in a school with recognised qualifications irrespective of ability at ultra low cost through the subscription model.
  • Reduced bureaucracy for teachers and flexibility for them to target specific interests.

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