Centre Monitoring

Gaining TLM centre status recognition shows that you have in place an effective and robust quality management system(s) and have assured TLM of your ability to continue to offer the high-quality standards required to safeguard the confidence in TLM certificates.

TLM will monitor its centres on an ongoing/regular basis. This monitoring will include, but not be limited to:

  • Compliance with the TLM Centre Agreement
  • Submission of evidence for Moderation
  • Examination Delivery

Requirements for maintaining Centre Recognition will include, but not limited to, the centre demonstrating/confirming/evidencing:

  • Its Internal Quality Assurance Process and Standardisation
  • Staffing levels are appropriate and TLM are kept informed of any changes to personnel
  • Demonstrating a continued understanding of the evidence requirements as shown against the qualification guidance/handbook.
  • Following the policy and procedures for TLM
  • Understanding that TLM can apply sanctions to its centres.


Centre Monitoring Process