TLM Invoicing Policy

Policy statement

This policy sets out our invoicing arrangements for our centres. The purpose of the policy is to make sure invoicing is carried out promptly and payment is received in good time.


The managing Director takes ultimate responsibility for good practice being carried out by the finance team in the issuing and processing of invoices.

Invoicing Approach

TLM will invoice your centre as soon as a ‘Full’ account is made for your centre on the TLM Markbook.

The person in your centre who is designated Principal Assessor will confirm with TLM the number of learners for each qualification.

Your centre will be invoiced annually for your centre fee and then as appropriate for the number of learners or number of units completed on a monthly basis.

Each invoice will contain details of:

  • the product/service being provided;
  • the payment method and where required our bank account details;
  • the VAT amount (unless you have informed us that you are VAT exempt and provided supporting evidence)and;
  • our payment details (BACS details)

Upon receipt of the invoice, payment should be received by us within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to pay due invoices may result in services being suspended  from your centre and interest charges being applied until payment is received. (please see our sanctions policy)

Late payment of invoices.

To help prevent late payment, TLM will send out a statement of account to your centre two weeks before the invoice is due for payment.

One week before the invoice is due for payment a second statement of account is to be sent via email or 1st class post.

Once the invoice goes overdue accounts receivable will telephone accounts payable at your centre to enquire why payment has not been made.

Your centre will be asked for a date when payment will be received. A note will be made of the name of the person spoken to.

Your centre will be informed that their account will be put on ‘stop’ if the none payment cannot be resolved swiftly, so as to avoid any further debt accumulating.

Your centre will be given seven days to make payment before interest charges are applied.

The Head of Centre and the finance department will be notified by email of the enforced suspension. 

Payment methods

TLM prefer payment via bank transfer however payment is accepted via cheque and Pay Pal

(We are able to accept payments via PayPal. Please note that customer accounts will be credited by the amount actually received, net of any charges imposed by PayPal).

Contact us

If you have any queries about the contents of the policy,or wish to give feedback, please contact our Finance Team on 01827 305940