How do I print the certificates?

TLM is always trying to make changes to our systems that benefit our centres and assessors experience. We are pleased to announce that, from the 23rd of November, centres are able to print any unit and qualification directly from the Markbook without the need for TLM template paper.

This reduces costs for your centre when it comes to certification and gives you the freedom to use whichever paper you wish. We previously issued TLM template paper to ensure all learners were given authentic certificates. This suited all printers and gave centres the power to issue certificates at any point of the year.

When printing certificates after the 23rd November, to ensure the certificate is centred you will need to choose ‘fit to printable’ on your printer settings.

At no additional cost, your centre can add the centre logo on the certificate template. If your centre would like to have this attached to the centre account then please send this to We require a transparent PNG sized – 300px x 300px.


To print the certificates.

1. School Admin.
2. View Groups.
3. ‘Print Awards‘ for a group.
4. You will be able to see a list with learners and a list with qualifications.
5. Select the relevant Award – if you are unsure of the QAN code for qualification please refer to the Qualifications menu button on the homepage of the Learning Site.
6. You can select all learners in the group to print the certificates or click for a single learner and then click on ‘Print’.