The world around us is increasingly a digital one. Many homes are quickly becoming “smart” homes. They have integrated technologies controlling most aspects of a house’s functionality, in order to make the occupants’ lives much easier. This is assisted by the explosion of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices. Homes have smart fridges that place orders for them when supplies are running low; they have cameras observing and recording the house’s activity when the owners are away on trips or holidays; they have assistants that turn on music or lights when asked.

All of these aspects of modern life depend on digital platforms and the vast majority of these platforms are based on open standards and open source code. All of them require a functional internet to exchange and store data, with another open standards based system. In order to understand these platforms and systems, and to use them to their full potential, learners need to be able to understand their functions. They need to be able to manage how they work and what they can do. They also need to understand some of the risks associated with these devices and platforms. They must ensure that they secure them against harm to themselves and others.
This qualification helps learners gain the skills, knowledge and understanding of this fast moving and complex world, so that they can make informed choices and can harness the power of digital platforms, in a secure working environment.

All of this data will be captured in an electronic portfolio that can be shared for job or college applications and contribute to a lifelong learning process, enhanced by the digital tools currently available.


Examined course

This qualification is designed for 14-16 yr old learners who want to use digital platforms. The world in which we live is increasingly reliant on technology. Understanding the digital environment is fundamental to learning to deal with the vast range and volume of information. The ability to use digital platforms underpins most courses in FE, HE or modern apprenticeships. The qualification will be a useful addition to a CV, if the learner is looking to work in, for example: Service Industries, Financial Services, Media, Construction, Retail, Agricultural, Travel and Leisure, Transport and Aviation.

Total Credits required to achieve the qualification - 15
Mandatory Units: 

  • UNIT 1 - The understanding of digital platforms and open standards (3 CREDITS)
  • UNIT 2 - The management of digital platforms and the application of digital skills (3 CREDITS)
  • UNIT 3 - The evolution of threats to digital platforms and the skills required to counter these threats (3 CREDITS)
  • UNIT 4 - Extended Project: Planning, executing and evaluating systems to promote a learner’s digital skills in a contemporary and accessible way (5 CREDITS)




Level 2






Coursework, E-assessment, Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Demonstration/Assignment, Written Examination








The qualification requires 15 credits from 4 generic units.

This qualification will be assessed internally by a Controlled Assessment worth 40 marks and externally through an Examination worth 60 marks.
Both assessment elements are designed to test different aspects of the learner’s journey through the course.
The internal assessment facilitates the evaluation of tools and technologies in order to select those most appropriate to showcase digital and literacy skills. This is fundamental to presenting their suitability for roles in the job application process.
The external assessment tests the depth and breadth of understanding combined with a grasp of key concepts and terminologies. It also tests the ability to apply knowledge and understanding in an applied way through contextualised questions.

Learners will be expected to be familiar with the maths content of Level 2, for example Functional Skills Numeracy.

[The published grade boundaries may be subject to change]

A summary of the requirements that relate to this course is In Annex C

TLM Certificate in Open Platforms and Digital Skills Level 2 - HANDBOOK

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