Cyber Security
For learners interested in digital security & threats to IT systems.


TLM is offering a suite of two qualifications for Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQs). These qualifications are automatically funded for adults who don’t have the basic digital skills they need for life and work.


Vocational Qualifications
We specialise in Vocational Qualifications that are of high quality and that are designed to interest and inspire your students.
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Annual Ofqual Qualifications Report

27th March 2019

TLM awarding organisation is now the 5th largest for technical qualifications, 11th for vocational qualifications and 13th in number of certificates issued in England.

2019 League Table Points For Lower Achieving Learners

27th November 2018

Get to the points with TLM’s unique Level 1 IT User Skills Qualification which has league table points for 2019. We will help you switch to our qualification so you can benefit from these league table points now.

TLM/Prodigy partner with Microsoft and London Grid for Learning to launch Minecraft certification in schools

27th November 2018

See students learn coding and gain an industry-recognised certification in the block-building game

Announcing Accredited Online Rock Guitar Qualifications

26th November 2018

For the first time the Orange and TLM partnership has made it possible for accredited rock guitar qualifications to be studied and completed online


"It has been really refreshing to have so much support from an exam board and before anyone asks, no I am not on commission, just dead impressed and in this game that does not happen very often."
– Jon Williams, The Park Community School.