Teaching Resources for AMT (Rocketry)

The following resources are to support the new Advanced Manufacturing Technologies qualification.  The site will be updated as the resources are developed.  We welcome any feedback on these materials and any additional materials will be placed here or on our Moodle site.  The SmartEvidence template for this course is also available on our ePortfolio system.  Please contact the office for details.

Teaching Guide

The teaching guide has the key information, long-term planning and the scheme of work for all 4 units and the example exam paper. Resources will follow.

Unit 1 - The Understanding and Appreciation of Rocket Science

Title Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Notes
Theory Acceleration Forces Into Space Lift Off Various documents looking at some of the basic theory
Rocket Engines Rocket aerodynamics History of rockets Kerbal Discussion
Extra Curricular Opportunities UK Rocket Company  (school visits) Cosford RAF Museum Looking to a well known rocket organisation
Lesson 1 to Lesson 2 - Introduction and NASA Intro (ppt) NASA facts worksheet NASA (peer assess worksheet) History of Rockets (hwk) Space X and game
Lesson 3 - Forces Overview (ppt) PPT worksheet How to fly worksheet Rocket bits (hwk) Atlas V launch (video embedded in ppt)
Lesson 4 - Water Bottle Rockets Water bottle rockets (ppt) Water bottle handout Video demo
Lesson 5 - Flights Flights (ppt) Apollo 13 video link
Lesson 6 - Simulations Simulations (ppt) Worksheet Wordsearch (hwk)
Lesson 7 - Flying Paper Planes (ppt) Test Plan Plane Plans (zip) Astronaut Journal (hwk)
Lesson 8 - Launching Launching (ppt) World Map Worksheet
Lesson 9 - Success vs Failure Success vs Failure (ppt) Top 10 missions (worksheet) V2 video Materials (hwk)
Lesson 10 and 11 - Rocket Shape and Designs Rocket shape and design (ppt) Rocket parts (worksheet) What shape is a rocket (worksheet) Robert H Goddard (hmk)
Lesson 12 - Intro to Kerbal Intro to Kerbal (ppt) Kerbal Lets Launch worksheet Label the toolbar worksheet Newton's 3 Laws (hwk)
Lesson 13 - Kerbal Mission Kerbal Missions (ppt) Kerbal Missions worksheet NavBall markers worksheet Space Race template (hwk)
Lesson 14 - Kerbal and own simulations Kerbal Simulations (ppt)
Lesson 15 - 16 Coursework Tasks Coursework checklist (ppt)
Lesson 17 - Materials in Rockets Materials in Rockets (ppt) Matching worksheet Matching answers
Lesson 18 - Pencil Rockets Pencil Rockets (ppt) Simpler Pencil Rockets Complex Pencil Rockets Fins design
Lesson 19 - Coursework Coursework (ppt) What is an orbit worksheet (hwk) What is an orbit answers
Lesson 20 - Rocket Mice Rocket Mice (ppt) Testing Worksheet Rocket Mice Guide Mouse template
Lesson 21 - The atmosphere The Atmosphere (ppt) Atmosphere Fact Sheet Video of students talking to the International Space Station
Lesson 22 - coursework Coursework (ppt) Own Blueprint template worksheet
Lesson 23 - Space Race Space Race (ppt)
Lesson 24 - coursework Coursework (ppt)
Lesson 25 - Setting up a rocket Materials in my rocket (ppt) Shopping List worksheet
Lesson 26 - Simulations Rocket Design Simulations (ppt) Simulations of design worksheet Composite Materials (hwk)


Useful Weblinks and Downloads

Focus Link Comments
Unit 1 - Rockets Starchaser Only UK company with space launch capability.  Visit schools with rockets and are currently planning to get an astronaut into space.
Unit 1 - Rockets Jodrell Bank Great for some history and hands on stuff.
Unit 1 - Rockets Falcon Heavy Launch a car towards Mars!
Unit 2 - Robotics Consequential Robotics Makers of MiRo the sensitive robot.  Can be programmed with Scratch and Python and also has simulation software
Unit 2 - Robotics CB Information Systems Makers of BinaryBots kits, which are simple to make and control robots.  Also make robot controlled all terrain cars.
Unit 2 - Robotics Report report on how AI can be used for bad purposes
Unit 2 - Robotics Openbionic Company that uses open source technologies and robotics to replace lost limbs
Unit 2 - Robotics Ubuntu webinar Webinar showing how to build robots from Ubuntu
Unit 2 - Robotics ROS White paper on Robotic Operating System choice
Unit 2 - Robotics DIY NASA and JBL tutorial site to build your own "Mars Rover".
Unit 3 -Micro-satellites Satellites 4 Everyone Organisation that has plans and guides to build micro-satellites using 3D printing and small form PC boards. Also involved with Satellite Catapult which funds research into Satellites.
Unit 3 - Satellite tracking Goonhilly Earth Station Earth Station - hold work-shops, experience days etc as well as teacher CPD in all things space.
Unit 3 - Satellite Space junk How to remove some of the junk from space that now affects satellites
Unit 3 - Satellite Hacking Article about the threat to satlllites from hacking
Unit 3/4 - Mars rover This fits almost all units as it is an unmanned device which will be sent to Mars.
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Cobots Articles about robot drones that help in jobs like construction
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Parrot Offer advice and guidance on how to use drones
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Projects 8  Open Source projects (hardware and software) for drones
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Drones Useful flyer explaining different unmanned vehicles.
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Car projects Self-driving car kits for students to build and race.
Unit 4 - Unmanned Vehicles Drone OS Innovating toward safety: computer controlled aerial robotic systems


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